Sunday, January 19, 2014

Still at the MTC

We are still here in Provo waiting for our visas although the delay has had its blessings.  We were able to be with Gena on Wednesday when President Hacking set her apart for her mission and then we were able to drop her off a few hours later at the curbside at the MTC.

We had dinner with Gena and her two companions on Thursday night in the MTC cafeteria.  Sunday we attended the Music and the Spoken Word broadcast (she and her two companions were directed to sit right next to us!!).  Gena and I attended Relief Society together and then we were invited to attend the Korean Branch Sacrament Meeting with her.  The Korean Branch is currently the largest in the MTC.  Three districts arrived on Wednesday and all are headed for Seoul.

Here are Gena and her two companions, Sister Mcnatt and Sister Stanisy.  Gena says her first four days in the MTC have been "awesome."

Here we are in the lobby of the MTC.  

Monday, January 13, 2014

At the MTC

We checked into the MTC on Monday, December 30.  Here are Oliver and Anders taking us to the door.

Our first week was focused on Preach My Gospel.  Here is a photo of half our group.  Grant and I are on the left end.

Week two focused on our office duties.  Here is the group of five couples that trained together and our afternoon trainers.  Assignments included Charlotte, NC, Anchorage, AK, Carlsbad, CA and Lisbon, Portugal.  Our visa has yet to arrive, although it has been approved so we are here in Provo until it comes.