Friday, February 28, 2014

Almost there!

We have spent the last week in Tokyo training for our assignment as Family History Area Advisers with Keiji Sugimoto, Area Family History Director.  Here is Keiji in the Tokyo Temple FHC.

One of our favorite things about Japan is the food Keiji introduced us to, like sushi, ramen and shabu shabu sukiyaki.

He also took us to several historic sites.  Here is a Shinto Shrine at Mt. Tsukuba, "Tsukuba-san-jinja"

and the Great Buddha (1252) at Kamakura.

Combining the cultural with the culinary, we snacked on warm little custard-filled Buddha cakes they were selling just outside the temple.

We finished our week in Japan today with an Area training meeting where we met with five other Area Adviser couples, the Asia North Area President, Elder Michael T. Ringwood, Keiji's staff from the Area office and Craig Miller, vice-president of Family Search International along with three of his colleagues from Salt Lake City.  We fly out to Guam tomorrow and are really excited to finally be there and get to work!

Sunday, February 9, 2014

In case you have been wondering . . .

We are still here at the MTC.  We learned this week that there is no way we are getting visas until after the elections are over in India so we have been reassigned to serve a Family History Mission in Micronesia.  It is the largest mission, geographically, in the Church and covers an area roughly equal to the continental United States. Most of this is ocean. The landmass of all the islands put together is only about the size of Rhode Island.  We don't yet have an official description of our duties but have been told that it will include working in the Family History Support Office and Family History Center in Guam as well as traveling to various islands to help members record their family histories. We should hopefully have a departure date this week. Meanwhile, we have been enjoying spending time with Winston and Sage and her family.

                                                Here is Grant reading to Oliver and Anders.
I will keep you posted on developments.