Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Just another week in Paradise . . . warm air, water and friends

Walking north along the east coast of Guam toward Fadian Cove.

Our destination - Fadian Cove.  We had to bushwhack our way through the bush.  Thank goodness we had a guide or we would still be out there in the jungle someplace!

Gomer and beautiful wife at Fadian Cove.

Our favorite taro and local food vendor from the island of Rota at the Mangilao public market.

Outside our apartment door - sprouting coconuts, basil, tomatoes, oregano, ornamental & coconut tree which we picked up on a morning hike 11 months ago and put in our planter.

Daniela Booker with her four-generation pedigree which Jeanette helped her complete.  Her mother is from Palau and father from Texas.  She left this week to serve a mission in California.

"Priests Pools" a series of waterfalls in the lava flow, overlooking Merizo on the south end of Guam.

Grant enjoying the fresh water falls and pools - some over seven feet deep.


Wild orchids almost everywhere.

Jean Jacques Tehahe of the Dededo Ward.  Tahitian we are helping get in contact with family in Tahiti after many, many years.  Classic.  It is the joy of connecting families, living and dead, that makes this work fun and fulfilling.

Yes - there are monitor lizards here but this is the first we have really seen after a year of being 
on-island.  Harmless. This is on the Talofofo River.